Neave Trio

Tue, July 21, 2015 at 7:30 pm
Wellspring Theater, Epic Center

The Neave Trio is one of the finest young ensembles to emerge into the world of chamber music. The group has been featured at the Apollo Performing Arts Concert Series, as well as on the McGraw-Hill Financial Young Artists Showcase.

Their performances have earned them rave reviews and prestigious residency positions across the United States, such as at San Diego State University where they currently serve as the trio-in-residence.

In their own words

“Engage. Exchange. Connect. This is what we strive to do every time we play, and in everything we do.” says their official website. “This is what we are all about. We feel fortunate that we are able to use music to do this.”

With their musicianship described as “radiant” and “absolutely stunning,” the Neave Trio is a group not to be missed!