Chris Thile

Fri, October 30, 2015 at 8:00 pm
Dalton Center Recital Hall, Western Michigan University

Multiple Grammy Award-winner and MacArthur Fellow Chris Thile, a member of Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek, is a mandolin virtuoso, composer and vocalist.

With his broad outlook that encompasses progressive bluegrass, classical, rock and jazz, Thile transcends the borders of conventionally circumscribed genres, creating a distinctly American canon and a new musical aesthetic for performers and audiences alike.

In his own words

“What’s really important is the way that a musician handles the building blocks and the pillars of what music is all about,” says Thile.

“The way that they manipulate melody, harmony, rhythm and form to achieve their purposes, and the degree of skill and creativity they use to handle those things.”

“In that sense, the very best examples of music, for instance bluegrass and classical, they seem to have more in common than not in common.”