Jordi Savall

Sat, January 24, 2015 at 8:00 pm
Dalton Center Recital Hall, Western Michigan University

Jordi Savall is an exceptional figure in today’s music world. His career as a performer, teacher, and researcher makes him one of the principal architects of a rebirth of historical music.

Internationally renowned for performances that are brimming with live emotion and creative vitality, Savall has always sought to be faithful to historical music.

He began his musical studies when he was six years old as a singer in the Children’s Choir in Igualada (Catalonia), his hometown, and went on to study cello at the Barcelona Conservatory. He began his self-taught journey with the viola da gamba and early music in 1965

Known for his scholarly and thematic projects, Savall has explored and fashioned a universe full of emotions and beauty, and has introduced the viola da gamba, and music which had fallen into oblivion, to a world stage.

In his own words

“I’ve always been interested in history, both ancient and modern.” Savall says.

“The worst that a human being can do is to lose his memory. When we lose our memory, we lose our humanity. We can evolve more as humans if we have more capacity to understand more of our past. There’s no future without memory.”

This Grammy® Award-winning “early music superstar” brings the past alive in a rare solo recital in Kalamazoo.